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How do I ban a user from appearing on the Tweetwall?

To block/ban a user, log into your account and then click on the name of your Tweetwall. In the main section of the page, you'll see a section that says "Excluding" and when you hover over it, you'll see an edit link appear to the right of it; click on the edit link. After the Tweetwall builder shows, you'll see the "Excluding" section located on the right side of the page, just type the @username (with the @ symbol) that you no longer want to appear on your Tweetwall and then pick if you want to block all Tweets sent from the user to be blocked, or all Tweets mentioning them to be blocked (you may want to do both if you want to absolutely make sure they don't show up on the Tweetwall). Now click on "Save and Exit" at the bottom.

To remove a Tweet from your Tweetwall (like those sent from that user), see the following FAQ: How do I remove a Tweet from my Tweetwall?

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