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I just purchased a Tweetwall today, but there are no Tweets on my Tweetwall. When I do a Twitter search I see Tweets. Why are they not on my Tweetwall?

The reason that search is different from your Tweetwall is that we only pull in Tweets from the moment that you purchased the Tweetwall onward. We do this because we do not use Twitter search, we actually connect directly to Twitter the moment your Tweetwall is purchased and ask them to—from that point forward—stream every Tweet in real-time to us. This allows your Tweets to appear in real-time on your Tweetwall, whereas if we used Twitter search, there would be delays of up to 30 seconds.

If you purchase your Tweetwall in advance of your event, then your Tweetwall will go live 72-hours prior to the event starting, or immediately if you're already within that 72-hour window.

If there are Tweets that have been sent since you purchased your Tweetwall (and your Tweetwall is live), contact support in case there is something wrong.

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