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When I create a Tweetwall, what time zone is the Tweetwall created in?

We automatically determine the correct time zone based on the venue address that you provide when setting up the Tweetwall. If you do not provide a venue address, then we use whatever time zone that your computer is set to as a fall back.

When entering the dates and times of your event, use the same date and time that you would include on the ticket or invite—you don't need to manually adjust it, we do that automatically for you. For example, if your event is in Los Angeles and starts at 10am and ends at 5pm, but you are located in London, you would still enter the date and set the times 10am to 5pm. Additionally, please note, that we pad the monitoring on both the start and stop times so that even if your timezone was incorrect, your Tweetwall will never start late, or end early.

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