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The reason that search is different from your Tweetwall is that we only pull in Tweets from the moment that you purchased the Tweetwall onward. We do this because we do not use Twitter search, we actually connect directly to Twitter the moment your Tweetwall is purchased and ask them to—from that point forward—stream every Tweet in real-time to us. This allows your Tweets to appear in real-time on your Tweetwall, whereas if we used Twitter search, there would be delays of up to 30 seconds.

If you purchase your Tweetwall in advance of your event, then your Tweetwall will go live 72-hours prior to the event starting, or immediately if you're already within that 72-hour window.

If there are Tweets that have been sent since you purchased your Tweetwall (and your Tweetwall is live), contact support in case there is something wrong.

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Yes, feel free to share it on whatever medium you desire. We do not limit the locations or number of people that can view it. Who knows, it may even increase your event's engagement.

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If you enabled moderation when setting up your Tweetwall, you'll see the option to moderate it from within the Tweetwall's settings page in your account. Next to a Tweet, just hit the Approve or Deny button, or for the highlighted Tweet, yu can also use your keyboard to approve or deny them by hitting the "A" or "D" keys, respectively.

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The most common case for "missing Tweets" is that either you have accidentally configured a block word that's catching Tweets, or that you enabled the Retweet Filter, and it's preventing those from appearing. Another possibility is that the terms that you setup to monitor is setup incorrectly. If you think there should be Tweets on your Tweetwall, and they are not there, contact support. We can determine exactly why Tweets are missing and provide the appropriate solution to fix it.

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Yes, when you purchase your Tweetwall prior to the start of your event, we automatically—and for free—provide you with a 72 hour window prior to your event where your Tweetwall is completely live and monitoring your hashtags.

To get this great benefit, all you have to do is not purchase your Tweetwall at the last minute. If you purchase it more than 72 hours before your event is scheduled to start, your Tweetwall will automatically activate itself 72 hours before the event starts and begin monitoring your terms. If you purchase it within the 72-hour window, then you'll only get the hours from when you purchased it, until the event is scheduled to start for free.

Outside of the free 72 hour window, you can see your Tweetwall with it's complete design, but using example Tweets by clicking on the edit icon (looks like a pencil) on your Tweetwall's Overview page, and then by clicking on Design in the left menu, and then finally by clicking on the Preview link in the top right.

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To block/ban a user, log into your account and then click on the name of your Tweetwall. In the main section of the page, you'll see a section that says "Excluding" and when you hover over it, you'll see an edit link appear to the right of it; click on the edit link. After the Tweetwall builder shows, you'll see the "Excluding" section located on the right side of the page, just type the @username (with the @ symbol) that you no longer want to appear on your Tweetwall and then pick if you want to block all Tweets sent from the user to be blocked, or all Tweets mentioning them to be blocked (you may want to do both if you want to absolutely make sure they don't show up on the Tweetwall). Now click on "Save and Exit" at the bottom.

To remove a Tweet from your Tweetwall (like those sent from that user), see the following FAQ: How do I remove a Tweet from my Tweetwall?

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To remove a Tweet that is currently appearing on your Tweetwall, after logging in and clicking on your Tweetwall name, click on "Tweets" in the left column. When the page loads, it'll be on your displayed queue already, so just scroll down to find the offending Tweet and then on the right side of the Tweet, click on the "Move" button and then select "Blocked Queue" and we'll remove it from all screens displaying your Tweetwall.

Removing a Tweet is instant if you are not using Tweet Cycling, so you do not need to go to all of the screens displaying your Tweetwall to refresh it, etc. If you are using Tweet Cycling, it may need to cycle through the current set of Tweet before it's removed, but it will not show more than once.

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